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Your real estate proposal
We are happy to receive real estate proposals from owners who want to sell their real estate as well as from estate agents who are contracted to brokering properties.

If your real estate proposal corresponds to our purchasing criteria, please send us a detailed statement to our e-mail address:

We require the following property-related information so as to make an initial evaluation of your property:

"in advance needed information"

1. Complete address with street number
2. All lease contracts along with all appendices and possible amendments
3. Updated abstract of title (not older than 3 months)
4. Sales-promotional pictures showing a well-frequented object from inside and outside.
5. digital site plan
6. Concise location study:
   - Spending power
   - Consumer acceptance
   - wohnliches und gewerbliches Umfeld
   - Commercial and residence environment
   - Infrastructural accessibility
   - Competitive environment

   ° Distance to rival business
   ° Possible synergetic effects
   ° Location economies

Property data in accordance with Excel list

size of land area
year of construction
current tenants
rented area
lifetimes of the tenancy agreements
net tenancy income p.a.
net tenancy income per month
number of vehicle parking spaces
purchase price
index basis
information on any need to renovate
information on any unlet spaces
Please send us property-related outline data in our Excel list. However, this does not constitute a condition of any kind.

When the above-mentioned data are complete, you will receive a statement of interest in purchasing or a statement of rejection of purchase, generally within 24 hours.
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