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The company
Mehrwertsysteme für Immobilienvermögen is a consulting company which has its headquarters in Heidelberg, Germany.

Our company essentially focuses on investing for a fixed group of institutional and private investors, which do not have a direct presence on the market but are represented by our lawyers via a fiduciary relationship. Our investors thus do not need a direct presence in the market as we constantly provide them with information on new evaluated real estate. Purchasing contracts are notarized after all documents relevant to the purchase have been submitted and are signed by our in-company lawyer as part of the lawyer's trustee brief.

Furthermore, we are invested in an Opportunity Fund that conducts real estate transactions exclusively with our company. Insofar, our company's field of duty as integration agency is established in the Opportunity Fund.

Our business field comprises the acquisition of high-yield real estate objects/ projects, the generation of the purchasing contract-readyness by the legal control of the object facts, the provision of consulting for purchases as well as the successful marketing of selected income-generating properties directly to the bidder which is provided for this purpose.

In this connection, we are looking for high-yield real estate objects/ projects in accordance with firmly specified purchasing criteria.

We work in the following market sectors:

  retail (food and non-food)
  Logistics objects
  Office buildings
  Nursing homes
  Housing estates
  Building centres
  Factory outlet centres
  Mixed-used objects
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