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Our purchasing profile
Mixed-used objects
in particular multifunctional office-, factory- and storage- buildings
macro location: Germany / Switzerland / Austria / Benelux
Selected European metropolises / habitats in North and
   South America as well as Eastern Europe
micro location: Excellent and good central, well-frequented (inner)city locations
Established retail situation
Habitats with at least 15,000 inhabitants
kind of objects: Single objects and portfolios
Not older than 10 years or older buildings with global cleansing
Flexible ground plan situation
Plots of land for the above mentioned use or existing objects
More tenants and varied lease terms favoured
Long term tenants with a good credit rating
   a. project development
      - Partly let existing objects in need of development
      - Vacancy rate of at most 70%
      - Also nationwide portfolios and sales-and-lease-back - objects
      - If conditions warrant, also with monument protection
        and existing waste deposits
   b. Investment property
      - Vacancy rate of at least 85%
      - Stabilized existing objects with a broad distribution
        of tenants
      - Good state of repair
other: No building lease (in Germany)
No part-ownership or 100% part-ownership
   (in Germany)
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