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Our purchasing profile
Office buildings
macro location: Germany, Old Federal States preferred
   (exception Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden)
Selected European metropolises / habitats in North and
   South America as well as in Eastern Europe
micro location: Typical office habitat in major cities and agglomerations,
   mid-size towns from 100.000 inhabitants
Upcoming industrial locations
1-A and good 1-B locations
kind of objects: Single objects and portfolios
Let objects, modern equipment with secured cash flow
   OR objects with a high / complete vacancy rate,
   significant revitalization potential,in case of rise in value
Buildings of all age classes
If conditions warrant, also (partly) renovated objects,
   no objects in need of a complete rehabilitation
Flexible ground plan- and use situation
Economic relation of the major and the auxiliary spaces
tenants: Excellent or good credit-worthiness of the anchor
Big concerns preferred
Also several tenants
lease contract: Medium and long run terms
other: No licence-objects
No building lease (in Germany)
No part-ownership or 100% part-ownership
   (in Germany)
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