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Our purchasing profile
Housing estate
macro location: Germany
   - Big and mid-size cities in the Old Federal States and Berlin
   - good habitats in the New Federal States in Leipzig, Dresden,
     Potsdam, Erfurt, Magdeburg, Schwerin, Chemnitz, Jena,
     Rostock, Weimar
Europe (selected metropolitan regions in Scandinavia,
   France, Czech Republic. Baltic states, Slovakia, Benelux,
   Spain, Italy, Poland, Austria)
micro location: Good and central positions in big cities with convenient access
    to the local traffic, schools, playschools and retail facilities.
Habitats with at least about 10,000 inhabitants
kind of objects: Undeveloped real estates or developed real estates with
   demolition possibility
Single objects and portfolios
New buildings or rehabilitated old buildings / rehabilitable
   old buildings (in the metropolitan area Berlin)
Also buildings of all age classes
If conditions warrant, also (partly) renovated objects,
   no objects in need of a complete rehabilitation
Also with commercial spaces
Favoured with free financing or fixed rental less than 5 years
   (exception Hamburg)
No reconstruction backlog or objects in need of
   rehabilitation / revitalization
Also with a high vacancy rate or complete vacancy in
   case of development potential
tenants: No exclusive / predominant presence of several nationalities
volume: From about € 800,000
other: No high-rise slabs
No high rise (exception Munich)
No licencee-objects
No social hotspots
No building lease (in Germany)
No part-ownership or 100% part-ownership
   (in Germany)
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