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Our purchasing profile
Logistics objects
macro location: Germany, economically strong habitats in the
   Old Federal States preferred
micro location: Well-established 1-A and 1-B industrial respectively city
   locations in commercial areas with a good traffic
   infrastructure and a convenient connexion to the high streets
   and the railway net
If conditions warrant, also outside of agglomerations
Vicinity to airports, domestic- and seaports
Habitats with population of at least about 10,000
kind of objects: Single objects and portfolios
Logistics centres, storage centres, distribution centres
   and reloading points
Objects with big plot areas
Also with expandability / development potential
Long term tenants should have a good credit rating
Office spaces should constitute only a small part
   of the rental space
If conditions warrant, also (partly) renovated objects, no
   objects in need of a complete rehabilitation
If the conditions warrant, also with vacancy
Not older than 10 years or complete rehabilitation preferred
tenants: Excellent or good credit-worthiness
Guiding logistics-, trade- or industrial companies preferred
lease contract: From 10 years, ideally 12 - 15 years
If the conditions warrant, also several tenants with
   divers lease terms, ideally predominant long lease terms
other: No objects with accomodation units
No licencee-objects
No building lease
No part-ownership or 100% part-ownership
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